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Omax 72mm STAR Filter For Canon Nikon Lens

Omax 72mm STAR Filter For Canon Nikon Lens
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  • Product Code: 72mm star filter
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  • Rs800.00

Omax 72mm STAR Filter For Canon Nikon Lens

MRP : Rs 800.00

Offer Price : Rs 699.00

Product Description :

Add some sparkle to your shots and make the light come to life. Achieve postcard effect quality on: Holiday themes, city skylines, street lamp posts, car headlights, candle lights, gaslights or in nature: Sun reflecting off water on the ocean or a lake, or early morning dew drops, snow, ice, etc.. Chose your subject and achieve amazing results. Star filters are also a perfect tool to use in enhancing the natural sparkle effect in precious gemstone close-up work in combination with our close-up set. Star filters are one of must haves for both digital and film photography. Why? Because bright source of light is portrayed by flairs, rays universally across cultures. At the same time on a photo, or even on a slide, a bright source of light is just a white spot. Star filters are used to translate brightness of the sun, blinks of light on the water, reflections, etc. into a culturally readable image. A Star filter is a must. Period. Most professionals have star filters, not UV filters, permanently mounted on their photo and video equipment They emphasize glaring sunshine reflected by the sea and bring brilliant atmosphere to night scenery. Angle of the crossed ray beams can be set by rotating of filter frame. Generates longer beams with a lens with longer focal distance.

* Create dazzling effects.

* Filter rotates for exact positioning.

* Can be used in combination with other filters for remarkably creative effects.

* Precision metal mounting ring.


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