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Hoya Ultraviolet UV(C) Haze Multicoated 62mm Filter

  • Brand: HOYA
  • Product Code: hoya_62mm_hmc_uv
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  • Rs1,600.00

Hoya Ultraviolet UV(C) 62mm Haze Multicoated Filter

MRP : Rs 1,600.00
Offer Price : Rs 1,399.00

Product Description :

Passion isn't just a hobby, it's what is in your gene. If your passion is photography and you own a DSLR camera, get this Hoya ultraviolet multi-coated filter. 

This Hoya ultraviolet UV filter protects your lens from moisture, dust, scratches and accidental knocks. When the glare of the sun is at its peak during your outdoor shoot, the UV filter in this Hoya filter effectively absorbs the UV rays and provides sharp contrast and well-balanced colour to your stills. Apart from protecting your lens, this filter reduces reflection at the surface of the filter which helps in reducing ghost and flare spots in the photographed images. 

This Hoya Haze multi-coated filter is compatible with all lenses as per the matching diameter and it comes with a filter case. This extra filter case can be worn permanently or used when needed according to your location and preference. The ā€œCā€ mark on the filter's ring is symbolic of Hoya's thinner filter design for a transparent and unclouded photography. Be proud of your passion, live a life of a professional photographer using this DSLR accessory. 

Ultraviolet Multicoated Filter for your Digital Cameras 

The Hoya ultraviolet UV (C) haze multicoated filter protects your valuable DSLR camera lenses from moisture, dust, scratches and accidental knocks. You can avoid costly repairs to digital lenses with the extra protective layer of this filter ring that can be either be permanently worn or used when needed. Changing the lens quite often makes the camera prone to dust and moisture blobs and at such times leaving on this UV Haze filter helps. The "C" mark on this filter ring is symbolic of Hoya's thinner filter design. 

Reduces Haze Caused by UV Light 

Hoya UV filter with its multicoated layer has UV protection properties. Shooting in broad daylight with high UV quotient makes outdoor photographs hazy and unclear. Using a multi-purpose fine-weather UV filter works well in such scenarios by giving sharp contrast and well-balanced colour to your stills. Besides being a permanent lens protector, Hoya HMC filter minimizes reflection at the filter surface, thereby reducing flaring and ghost spots in your images. This gives you an average light transmission of over 97% without taking much out of your image. Simply correct the otherwise bluish cast of UV on your images, with these Hoya filters forever. 

Versatile Filter for Professional Images 

This UV filter from Hoya is recommended to enhance the performance of your DSLR's multicoated lenses. It gives assured protection to the front element lens apart from rectifying the UV haze. A noteworthy feature of this UV filter is it obscures glaringly sharp details or warms up colour images taken in shade. Similar to a Clear filter, this UV filter is also versatile and can be used on almost any type of lens that matches its diameter. Ideal choice for digital photography, the Hoya ultraviolet UV(c) haze multicoated filter is undoubtedly a valuable addition to your DSLR camera accessories.

Key Features :

  • Fits 62 millimeter lenses
  • Includes Filter case
  • Absorbs ultraviolet rays to produce crisp, clear photographs
  • Ideal for protecting your valuable lens from scratches and dust
  • Natural light pictures will be sharper, crisper and better balanced


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