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Nikon EN-EL12 rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nikon ENEL12 rechargeable Liion Battery
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Product Code: en-el12 battery
  • Availability: 1
  • Rs1,440.00

Nikon EN-EL12 rechargeable Li-ion Battery

MRP : Rs 1,440.00

Product Description :

Compatible with Coolpix AW100, CoolpixAW110, Coolpix P300, Coolpix P310,

Coolpix P330, Coolpix S1000pj, Coolpix S1100pj, Coolpix S1200pj, Coolpix S31,

Coolpix S6000, Coolpix S610, Coolpix S6100, Coolpix S610c, Coolpix S620,

Coolpix S6200, Coolpix S630, Coolpix S6300, Coolpix S640, Coolpix S70,

Coolpix S710, Coolpix S8000, Coolpix S800c, Coolpix S8100, Coolpix S8200,

Coolpix S9050, Coolpix S9100, Coolpix S9200, Coolpix S9300, Coolpix S9400, Coolpix S9500

Compatible with MH-65 Battery Charger


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