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Omax 55-52mm Step-Down Adapter Ring

Omax 5552mm StepDown Adapter Ring
  • Brand: Omax
  • Product Code: omax55-52mmring
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  • Rs375.00

      Omax 55-52mm Step-Down Adapter Ring

        Price : 375.00

      Product Description

step Down adaptor ring Omax 55-52mm adapter ring easily screws onto the front of any 55mm Lens, and allows you to convert to the 52mm threads of accessory items (such as filters, hoods, flashes and lens converters)

       Key Features :

  • Omax 55-52mm Step-Down Metal Adapter Ring
  • The Omax step-up/step-down ring is a special ring adapter that allows you to mount your increased/decreased diameter lens accessories such as filters, adapters, lens, lens hood, lens cap to the camera lens
  • Simply use this practical adapter and you will be ready to start prompting and shooting

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